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Retrospective Fire Strategy

What is a fire strategy? A bespoke building Fire Strategy report describes the purpose and any fire safety matters in a building and how they are managed. It acts as a guide for the building management by identifying lines of fire compartmentation (that need to be maintained), and other fire safety measures such as smoke extraction systems and other fire engineered solutions.

Conrad Wolfe Fire Safety Consultancy can write a retrospective fire strategy for your premises giving you the information you need to maintain all the fire safety measures in the building that keeps your staff, customers, building and reputation safe from fire.

The Law

Regulation 38 of The Building Regulations 2010 says “The person carrying out the work shall give fire safety information to the responsible person not later than the date of completion of the work, or the date of occupation of the building or extension, whichever is the earlier.”

Under the Building Safety Act 2022 the requirement of ‘The Golden Thread’ was introduced.  It is an expansion on Regulation 38 requirements to introduce the requirement to create and maintain a ‘thread’ of information. This is the duty of those responsible for a building. Occupied buildings require that the thread contains information needed for the safety of residents, including fire safety.  This is a requirement for buildings going through prescribed refurbishment, as well as new developments.

The Retrospective Fire Strategies written by Conrad Wolfe are compliant with Building Regulation 38 and the Building Safety Act 2022.