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Privacy Policy


This website makes use of browser cookies; information that a website stores locally on your computer, tablet or phone in the form of temporary files.


Anonymous non-personal information such as total number of visitors to the site are used internally within the business and does not extract personal information. We never provide this information to third parties.

Downloads & Uploads

No downloads are available on this site nor do we ask you to upload anything.

Contact with us

You can contact us through this website in order to enquire about services or request information. Your personal information is transmitted over secure channels, kept private and stored securely within an email server for 28 days before disposal.


We do not operate a marketing or mailing list.

Third Parties

External links to social media sites are visible on this site, no cookies are set by the third party until you visit their site by clicking the link. Please look at any relevant privacy policy on the linked site if needed.

Social Media Policy & Usage

We adopt a Social Media Policy to ensure our business conducts itself properly online.

Conrad Wolfe will never share any information provided by filling out and submitting the no obligation forms but we may use it in regard to compliance with relevant laws if ever requested to do so.

We take your privacy seriously and always take measures to transfer your details over secure channels to prevent unauthorised access.

All data will be deleted and destroyed after any contract is fulfilled.